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Entrepreneurs delusional optimism

A refreshing reminder to share for founding entrepreneurs, and one that is far to common of a twin trait among why many startups fail. Perhaps its more of a virus than a trait, but the

10 Startup Founders Share The Best Advice They Ever Received

A good post from Mashables worthy of a share to you start-up founders and entrepreneurs. When you’re¬†thinking about starting a company¬†or first in the entrepreneurial trenches, any nugget of advice you can get from someone

Want to work for a startup? Start something first

Conversations I’ve had with a number of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs are reflective of the type of personalities, mentalities, and overall fit that it takes to either launch a start up, or work for one. Whether

Key learnings from Startup School 2013

Y Combinator put on a solid performance on October 13th where thousands of programmers, engineers, designers, marketers and entrepreneurs joined a line up of amazing speakers at the Flin Center for Startup School 2013. Having

Roots of a Startup

Richard Branson, one of my more admired entrepreneurs, surprisingly never set out to be a businessman and instead followed his guiding-light as a teenager to launch a magazine startup that evolved into the Virgin empire