The digital divide of a digital marketing strategy framework

Over the years I have observed and tested the principles that makeup successful digital-focused teams and organizations, and have witnessed a digital divide in the context of strategic business framework to reach a level of digital maturity. I’ve observed 4 pillars that are a foundation to an organizations digital marketing framework, and a criteria against measuring the health of its maturity, and the currency it provides.

Yet I often find a mixology of viewpoints and theory on what defines a digital strategy, and baseline framework in which the strategies can be built on and align to both the big picture, and the short term.

In many cases I find a misleading conception of strategy definition as either their strategic frameworks address only tactical aspects of strategy and more appropriate to campaign planning, or the over-arching approach to execution, or multi-directional go-to-market planning.

I’ve yet to find or experience a strategic approach that fits every organization. However I have built a guiding framework that digital strategy that can be built upon, which can be rooted into almost any organizations hierarchal eco-system. Continue reading “The digital divide of a digital marketing strategy framework”