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Mar 20

My experience in working with MJ has been most enjoyable on various fronts.

First, he one of those rare individuals that can synthesize your ideas and is able to execute on them. You can actually trust him to get something done within the guidelines that he mentions. Therefore, it’s easy to leverage his experience in helping to provide the right solutions to our clients.

Second, he has the uncanny ability to bring technology issues down to simple terms so that our clients/colleagues can understand. This is important in our industry as clients only need to understand the salient points of our solution. If the needs arises to increase the technology dialogue he is more than comfortable on this front.

Third, MJ has that uncanny ability to always provide you with great information on how to position our products and ways to improve them. He is simply a very good teacher without being one. I am constantly learning from him when we’re working together.

Finally, MJ is one of those individuals that you look forward to working with as he brings a lot to the table. He is definitely an asset to the WUBS organization. He makes creating and implementing solutions for our clients an enjoyable process.

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