2012 – Deadman Heartbeat

Michael (MJ) AllenMichael J. (MJ) Allen
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Nov 21

In this senior leadership role I led the teams in the strategy framework and planning to drive commercial performance across a high growth eCommerce business model. I led the brand identity, inbound marketing strategy, and customer experience delivered across two-technology platforms.

As an action oriented leader and with an agile marketing approach, I led teams with a customer-centric understanding of key market challenges and deliver the business and marketing strategy and execution to attain market penetration, product adoption and business growth. My purview covered customer sales acquisition, growth, retention, product innovation, business intelligence, and brand strategy.

This was delivered upon a strategic foundation that embraced an inbound content strategy, marketing automation, deep analytics and performance analysis, project governance, and customer lifecycle optimization that demonstrated clear ROI.

Deadman Heartbeat is a cloud-based IT and application monitoring SaaS.

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