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Digital transformation…..where to start?

“Digital is the main reason just over half of the companies on the Fortune 500 have disappeared since the year 2000.” – Pierre Nanterme, CEO Accenture In my line of work I’m fortunate to hear

Re-invent CX to shift your business

How has the marriage of big data and the CX (customer experience) evolved the relationship between your business and customers? Disruptive leaders and trail blazers tend to have a common success trait – grow and re-invent business maturity by embedding CX

Operationalize for Effective Content Marketing

Transformation has been the theme with CMO’s the last few years, and will likely continue over the next few. This marketing transformation we keep hearing, appears driven from the rate of change in customer behavior, and the deep

Design rewarding customer experiences

Did you know there is a close link between the degree of digital acumen that CMOs display and the financial performance of their business? A survey published by IBM shows that among over 4,000 CMO’s

Brand strategy & engagement: 3 secret-sauce ingredients

Far to often when attending planning, campaign or strategy sessions, I’ve often found there is a very loose understanding of brand strategy. The various perceptions and interpretations tend to result in spending money in all the wrong places, or a blind optimism

Customers killing your business?

Which half of customers are killing your business? You’ll know the answer once your customer lifetime value is understood. Customer lifetime value, better known as CLV in marking jive, is one of the top metrics your

The attribution effect, calculating digital influence

One of the greatest ongoing divides to reach digital nirvana is the understanding of the value and financial return that attribution plays in a multi-touch point customer journey world. This is among one of the top marketing transformational challenges

Influence conversions in multi-channel touchpoints

Every week I try to get out to my sanctuary for an hour or two; the soccer pitch. Its the few places where I can unplug from the daily stress and routines of life and

Trapped in an online filter bubble?

Recently using behavioural intelligence and look-a-like profiling to lead an online Display program, I found it reminiscent of a recent TED talk show I saw by Eli Pariser: Beware online filter bubbles. What strikes me about Eli’s

B2B marketing maturity, a mindset explosion in a customer humility strategy

I have been fortunate to experience humility personally, and within the culture of business only after having sat and played on each side of the table – B2B, B2C, tactical and strategic. Regardless of agency-side

Entrepreneurs delusional optimism

A refreshing reminder to share for founding entrepreneurs, and one that is far to common of a twin trait among why many startups fail. Perhaps its more of a virus than a trait, but the

10 Startup Founders Share The Best Advice They Ever Received

A good post from Mashables worthy of a share to you start-up founders and entrepreneurs. When you’re thinking about starting a company or first in the entrepreneurial trenches, any nugget of advice you can get from someone

The digital divide of a digital marketing strategy framework

Over the years I have observed and tested the principles that makeup successful digital-focused teams and organizations, and have witnessed a digital divide in the context of strategic business framework to reach a level of

Want to work for a startup? Start something first

Conversations I’ve had with a number of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs are reflective of the type of personalities, mentalities, and overall fit that it takes to either launch a start up, or work for one. Whether

Key learnings from Startup School 2013

Y Combinator put on a solid performance on October 13th where thousands of programmers, engineers, designers, marketers and entrepreneurs joined a line up of amazing speakers at the Flin Center for Startup School 2013. Having

B2B marketing with LinkedIn

If LinkedIn is new to your B2B digital marketing arsenal, then like most you’ll kick-off with the begging question “Is LinkedIn right for my business?”. As more brands dive into the social space developing out

Roots of a Startup

Richard Branson, one of my more admired entrepreneurs, surprisingly never set out to be a businessman and instead followed his guiding-light as a teenager to launch a magazine startup that evolved into the Virgin empire